SUV Rental Dubai

SUV Rental Dubai

There is no better vehicle than an SUV that guarantees the comfort and security of passengers. This type of automobile is about power and trust, so people always feel confident while driving. Moreover, it is highly spacious, so it becomes their support when they move to a new place or should just take some things. If you need it for your family, trip, meeting guests, or test-drive, we offer you to rent SUV in Dubai.



It's generally accepted that this model fits driving off-road. Indeed, such a vehicle is a godsend for those who plan long trips(f.e. hiking or just visiting some famous places). Still, it doesn't mean an SUV doesn't fit into an everyday routine. In contrast, it brings unsurpassed convenience and safety on the road. Let's consider why people prefer to rent SUV in Dubai:

  • it looks respectable and shows their status so they feel themselves as the kings;
  • the condition of the road doesn't interest them at all as a high seating position makes it possible to consider obstacles in advance.

Regarding tourist trips, hiring an auto is an opportunity to create your own routes and not adapt to somebody's preferences or the transport timetable. Thus, you'll visit Burj Khalifa, go to Al Fahidi Quarter, look at Flamingos at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, visit dessert and reach any destination without problems.

Be sure that the transport we offer our clients includes all the essential functionality, from air conditioning to many security options which help you relax and enjoy driving. The fleet includes autos for every taste and budget, from affordable Nissan Patrol to premium Mercedes or Bentley.

Cheap SUV Rental Dubai

Regarding all the benefits we've discussed, it's also necessary to point out that the rental cost is almost the same as hiring a sedan. Thus, you don't pay a lot more but get a higher level of comfort and safety. Moreover, there is no need to think of its maintenance and the sum of money you should spend on it.

It's beneficial to rent SUV in Dubai as there are no hidden payments or commissions for booking, and insurance is included in the cost. Fill in the form on our website or contact managers via any convenient way to get the answers to the questions and choose the vehicle you've dreamt of!

Rent a Car in Dubai

Rent a Car in Dubai

In UAE, residents prefer to use their personal transport or taxi as they can't reach all the places with the help of underground or buses. Therefore, if you don't have a vehicle but want to save your time, it's better to rent SUV in Dubai.

Also, this model can become a luxurious complement to such essential events as weddings, birthdays, or corporate parties. Choose the one you like and amaze guests!

Long Term Car Rental

We provide our clients with the opportunity to rent SUV in Dubai for any period of time, from a day to months. Moreover, our company offers beneficial conditions if you hire an auto on a long-term basis. Thus, every client gets a discount, free insurance, and a full fuel tank.

Luxury Car Rental

True amateurs will appreciate our fleet of premium class which impresses by the level of maintenance and functionality. Every automobile is in excellent condition so your trip will be flawless. Anyway, our managers are available 24/7 and ready to support you in any situation.

Car Subscription

A subscription is your variant if you want to rent SUV in Dubai and get the best deal without paying a great deal of money. It's a new form of leasing when a client chooses a particular vehicle and pays every month/6 months/year. In addition, they can change autos at the end of every subscription. We think it's a good decision for those who aren't sure what model to choose or just want to add some diversity to their lives.

One Way Car Rental

We strive to take care of clients and increase their convenience. Thus, if you rent SUV in Dubai and need to get from point A to point B, just tell us, and we'll deliver and then take the automobile from the specified place.

Car Rental Under 25

Unlike most of the companies in the UAE, we don't require at least two years of driving experience and trust our vehicles even those who are 21 years old. You should only follow the rules described in the agreement.

Dubai Car Rental Information

Dubai Car Rental Information

How much does it cost to rent a full-size SUV?

You'll have to pay from $70 to $150 per day if you want to rent SUV in Dubai.

How much does it cost to rent a mid-size SUV?

The starting pricing point is $30 per day. It varies depending on the brand.

What is a full-size SUV?

This model differs mainly by the number of seats. Thus, it includes seven seats and space for four bags. It can take more passengers and luggage, as well as make long trips more convenient.

How do I go about renting an SUV in Dubai?

You can look at the best offers on a website, then book the one you like, fill in the form, pay a deposit and get the keys or simply call our managers to figure out the details. If you don't need to rent SUV in Dubai urgently, we recommend searching beforehand to weigh all pros and cons.

What types of SUV are available for hire?

Our fleet consists of all types so that every visitor will stay pleased, in particular compact(f.e. Toyota RAV4), mid-size, full-size crossovers, and sports utility vehicles(f.e. Ford Explorer).

Best family car in UAE

If there was a competition for the best family vehicle, any sedan or hatchback wouldn't win a sports utility vehicle which is spacious, safe, convenient, multifunctional and adapts to any road conditions.